About the Blog

This page is all about the blog. What does The Disability Issue have to offer?

Well, do you want to try and overcome the obstacles that disabled people often deal with every day? It’s no surprise that people find these issues frustrating. There’s no doubt that there’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind about problems happening at this moment in time. Disabled people are so often ignored by many people in society.

However, disabled people can be very talented too. If you think about it, we’ve got our strengths. We’ve learned how to stay strong enough to get through difficult times. If difficult times effect all people, we feel those that don’t deal with discrimination and social isolation will find them quite a bit more stressful than we will. And that’s when disability arts can appear! Disability arts also help us express our artistic selves. If we wish to, we can use our arts to make political statements about issues occurring whenever we wish.

So, that’s why The Disability Issue is here. Complaining about our problems makes a bit of an impact, but there are other options too. I believe that disabled people shouldn’t give up on any talents and ideas they have, and will look to provide interesting posts that offer information, advice and opinion to the disabled community.

So, please, stick around: read around and about the disability issue blog. There is work to do, but in an era of change we think it’s a better idea to stand out in the crowd and gain attention during and after the international crisis of so many people worldwide.

The bright minds of Disabled People
Disabled people are so often just as bright as any other people in society.

Speak out and subscribe

Disability can relate to so many subjects: lifestyle, employment, technology, entertainment; the list goes on. If you’re willing to contribute, then why not make yourself better known and have your say?

You can subscribe to posts, or contact the blog if you’re interested in speaking up for disabled people, sending a message out to our readers or have any questions to ask about the Disability Issue blog. If you’d prefer to get blog posts read out to you, then you can also visit our YouTube channel to hear what’s written out loud. In the future, we’ll also do what we can to provide even clearer podcasts too.

Feel free to personally contact me if you wish personally. Just head to the contact page on my main website and you should find what you need.

One thing to remember is that disabled people really are strong and true! Don’t forget it either.