My YA Novel

This time last year, after dealing with difficulties as a disabled person, an idea suddenly appeared in my mind out of nowhere. Because of this, I believe it’s time to let people know more about who I truly am and my ideas as well.

When I speak of my ideas, they’re not ones that will only be benefit me. If I gain success, it could well benefit lives of many other disabled people as well.

In a sense, it wasn’t just one idea that appeared in mind either. A lot of them were acquired, and as they all added up, I suddenly felt as if I’d moved into the mind of someone who had constructed the plot of a young adult novel. Becoming a novelist was never an aim in my life up until this time last year. However, it now only seems to be smartest move for me to make.

However, before it’s published, I’ll want other disabled people to know everything they can about it. The story itself will remain unknown; I can’t reveal that or nobody will buy the book. However, my mind has always been on collaborating with others to access better times in the past few years. I need other disabled people to back me up and help promote my work, so I can sell what I’ve created with as much popularity as possible.

The Balance of Abilities

Now the first draft is so close to completion, I’d like to let the disabled people I’ve befriended know a little more about The Balance of Abilities.

The book will include plenty of information about the social issues of disabled people in life. As a contemporary fantasy, the protagonist is disabled, and like myself has epilepsy. The books contains some untrue events in life, but also experiences social difficulties and as the story continues other disabled people become very involved in his life. He also starts the novel as a excellent guitarist in a band gaining popularity. However, despite his love of music, alterations are must be made so he can play his music more as time continues.

What is and what is not true about disabled people in the story will made clear at the end of the book.

The YA Novel may well continue take a long time to complete. I want to produce a quality read, so gaining advice about how it can be improved will be beneficial. After attending an Arvon Foundation course in August last year, I picked up some skills. Plenty of changes will be made after the first draft. However, it’s still seen as a good landing point for authors. A lot of time will be spent on editing, and that’s not unusual.

During my time on the course, the book’s synopsis was revealed to two YA novel authors. Both award winning authors, Chelsey Flood and Alex Wheatle were our tutors. They both said my idea sounded very appealing, and permitted it as a book I should continue to write.

We need new platforms

It isn’t just young adults that read young adult novels; they’re often read by older adults too. Plus, if my book becomes popular, it’ll gain the money needed to start a new platform. This will be new place for disabled people to collaborate, and possibly their carers too. We need new beginnings, and now the world is changing with COVID-19 issues among us it seems to be the best time to make them.

My first draft is nearly completed. I’ll keep others updated on my progress and plans for the future as time continues too.